CLM’s New Hire Training Program represents a vibrant, new approach to consistency and effectiveness in the initial training of a new generation of claim resolution professionals for the insurance industry.

The Multi-Line program is comprised of four stand-alone courses: Principles of Insurance, Liability Insurance and Legal Concepts, Workers’ Compensation Claims Management, and the Skills of a Claim Resolution Professional. 

Principles of Insurance provides lessons on: 
•    What is Insurance?
•    Types of Insurance
•    Identifying and Managing Risk
•    The Major Departments of an Insurance Company
•    State Regulation of Insurance
•    Financial Performance Indicators
•    The Insurance Policy
•    Insurance is a Contract

Liability Insurance & Legal Concepts provides lessons on:
•    The Law and Liability
•    The Anatomy of a Lawsuit
•    The Role of Negligence
•    Doctrines of Automobile Liability
•    No-Fault Laws and PIP Coverage
•    Personal and Commercial General Liability
•    Liability Factors and Defenses
•    Introduction to Medical Anatomy
•    Auto and Liability Investigations
•    Conducting Liability Claim Investigations
•    Evaluating and Reserving Liability Claims
•    Claim Resolution Strategies and Litigation Management
Workers' Compensation provides lessons on: 
•    The Origin and Evolution of Workers’ Compensation
•    Regulating, Enforcing, and Financing Workers’ Compensation
•    Employment and Reporting Requirements
•    The Legal Doctrines of Compensability
•    Conducting a Workers' Compensation Investigation
•    Making the Compensability Decision
•    The Disability Benefits of Workers' Compensation
•    The Medical Benefits of Workers' Compensation
•    Medical Anatomy for Workers' Compensation Claim Professionals
•    Evaluating & Reserving Workers' Claims
•    Presenting Your Workers' Compensation Claim Evaluation
•    Disability and Injury Management
•    Workers' Compensation Claim Disposition and Closure
•    Miscellaneous Workers' Compensation Issues

The Skills of a Claim Resolution Professional hopes to enlighten you to the importance of continued study and practice of:  
•    Organization and Time Management
•    Communication and Listening Skills
•    Negotiation Skills
•    The Conduct of a Claims Professional


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