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Municipal Law

The purpose of the Municipal Law Committee is to provide a forum for members to address issues and trends facing municipalities and local public entities. The committee will provide education, training, and insight on how to address legal and risk management issues and allow members to share ideas and best practices with colleagues. The committee will include insurers, third-party administrators, attorneys, municipality and/or local public entity representatives and others who work with and/or provide services to municipalities and local public entities.




8/28/2019 Hello,

This is your friendly reminder that the Municipal Law committee’s conference call is scheduled for today, Wednesday, August 28th at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Dial-in Number: 267-930-4000 
Access Code: 471-944-455#
8/9/2019 Hello, 

The Municipal Law committee will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 11th at 12:00 pm EST. Please see below for details:
Jury Selection in Post Ferguson Law Enforcement Excessive Force Cases

Gordon Vaughan, Vaughan & DeMuro
Shelley Spiecker, Persuasion Strategies
Jayne Spies, Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group
Following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been resulting negative national and media attention and a rise of social movements regarding allegations of law enforcement’s use of excessive force.  This program will discuss post-Ferguson changing public attitudes toward police use of force and their potential effect on juries considering constitutional claims against law enforcement officers.  Dr. Shelley Spiecker, a nationally prominent jury consultant who been advising attorneys on case strategy, courtroom persuasion and jury selection for over 25 years, will discuss post-Ferguson strategies in identifying juror bias against police, juror risk profiles and other issues that might impact juror selection in cases involving the police and law enforcement agencies. Gordon Vaughan, an attorney who has for almost 40 years specialized in the field of public sector defense, particularly the defense of law enforcement officers, and who has tried several post-Ferguson cases against law enforcement officers and agencies, will also address jury selection strategies used in these trials including the effective use of a jury consultant. Jayne Spies is the Claims Manager for the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group.  Ms. Spies is a graduate of the inaugural CLM Claims College and was awarded the CCP designation.  Ms. Spies has extensive public sector claims experience including claims against law enforcement officers and agencies. Ms. Spies will address her observations of post-Ferguson changes in the evaluation of excessive force claims and insight in the management of such claims.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
5/7/2019 This is your friendly reminder that the Municipal Law committee’s conference call is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Please find the meeting agenda in the Notes below. 

Dial-in Number: 267-930-4000 
Access Code: 471-944-455#
5/3/2019 Hello,

We are still seeking proposals for the upcoming 2019 Southeast Conference, October 3-4 in Orlando, FL. If you have proposals with a title and brief description (with or without committed speakers), please email them directly to the CLM liaison for Municipal Law, Khadijah Johnson, at Khadijah.Johnson@theclm.org.
Below is a list of suggested topics:
  • Subrogation and indemnity agreements
  • Subrogation against municipalities when dealing with “government function” vs. “proprietary function”
  • Lawsuits (class action) in general against municipal governments: most recent ICE detainee, debtors’ prison, jail over crowding
  • How to deal with school resource officers
  • Arming of teachers/staff at schools
  • Delving into the recent attacks on qualified immunity
Please note: the Committee Conference subcommittee co-chairs strongly encourage submissions of crossover topics between Municipal Law and Subrogation, and Municipal Law and Insurance Fraud. 


This is a reminder that we are still accepting presentation proposals for the 2019 CLM Southeast Conference. The event is scheduled for October 3-4 in Orlando, FL. The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, April 22nd.

I strongly encourage you to submit crossover topics if possible. For example, a topic that includes Municipal Law and subrogation information.
You may submit your proposals using the link below.
2019 Southeast Conference – Proposal Submission Portal