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This course provides a complete overview of Products/Completed Operations Liability Coverage including how the coverage applies, a review of the coverage form - who is insured, exclusions, limits of liability, the insuring agreement and policy conditions. The course also covers pricing, underwriting, laws, availability of coverage and managing a book of business. This course would prove beneficial to insurance agents, brokers, underwriters, underwriter trainees, claims personnel, and insurance students to better understand the coverage form, how it applies and how to underwrite products/completed operations liability insurance.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 - The What and Why of Products Liability
  • Module 2 - Products Liability/Completed Operations Coverage - Definitions
  • Module 3 - Forms of Products/Completed Operations Liability
  • Module 4 - Defenses to Products/Completed Operations Liability
  • Module 5 - Underwriting Products/Completed Operations Liability Coverage
  • Module 6 - Rates and Premiums
  • Module 7 - Pricing Issues with Products Liability Insurance
  • Module 8 - Availability of Products/Completed Operations Liability Coverage
  • Module 9 - Managing a Book of Products/Completed Operations Business

Credit info

Type Credits
General Credits 2.00