Claims organizations have a wealth of litigation data, but how can you turn it into actionable information? What about using it to forecast how long a case may cost, how long it could last, or what the possible outcomes could be? In this session, we will discuss how you can start using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to impact your litigation management program. We’ll talk about how data models can take your key performance indicators and historical data and turn it into information you can confidently act on when selecting firms. We’ll explore how predictive analytics impacts: 1. Case budgets 2. Case cycle times 3. Claims outcomes We’ll also look at how machine learning picks up on nuances or anomalies that can affect the analytics and give you a clearer picture on expected case parameters, and how that information can empower your claims professionals during firm selection. Predictive analytics allows newer examiners to mine the expertise of their peers while giving more senior associates confidence that their firms and case parameters fall within their expectations.

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