Runaway jury verdicts are on the rise and in the news. Juries awarding eight- and nine-figure verdicts have seemingly become commonplace in recent years. What is driving this trend? Have the laws changed? Have the injuries gotten worse? Or is it something completely different? Will it ever stop? Plaintiffs’ attorneys are constantly motivated to find new, innovative ways to drive up damages. Their motives are not difficult to decipher – the bigger they win, the more they get paid. Conversely, the defense bar has not had a financial motive driving creativity and most defense attorneys have not deviated from the traditional defense approach. But as more and more astronomical verdicts come down, the evidence is clear – it is time for a change. This panel will discuss what claims professionals need to know to prevent nuclear verdicts in their cases. These speakers with experience in high-exposure litigation share some novel and unique strategies that are being successfully applied across various jurisdictions and practice areas to minimize the possibility of a nuclear verdict. The plaintiff’s bar has radically changed how they try cases in the last ten to fifteen years (think “The Reptile Theory,” asking for large verdicts, etc.), what are you doing differently?

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