Technology today empowers claims professionals unlike ever before. The world of artificial intelligence and analytics is exploding and revealing where and when to direct resources to improve results. Tools used to maximize claim handling efficiency, such as Robotic Process Automation and Rules-Based Decision Engines, are the first steps towards automating traditional processes in the insurance industry. However advanced technology using Machine Learning, including chatbots, digital image recognition, and predictive modeling will give new insights like never before to the claimants and administrators alike. Many discussions these days around AI will hypothesize about the expanded use of software to replace human activity. But at the end of the day, AI without some form of Emotional Intelligence (EI) cannot begin to juxtapose an examiner for a system. Additionally, Data Science will continue to evolve in its ability to discover hidden patterns from raw data in more meaningful and integrated ways. Finally, the advent of rules-based engines and other types of AI tools that can support automation will lead to a “no-touch” claim handling models in the next few years. Initial models point to a first adoption within the P&C space on claims that have no components of bodily injury or anticipated litigation. When combined with self-service capabilities, low severity / low cost claims will likely see no human intervention as claims come in the doors and are paid via digital financial services (ACH, e-gift cards, et al). Handing times and projected cost of this type of auto-adjudication will plummet while processing vastly greater claim volumes. This session will show practical illustrations of how technology is redefining the claims world today as well as look to what the future has to offer.

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