Claims College

Leadership Learning Objectives
  • Leadership: leading across and up; attributes for leaders; results and relationships
  • Leadership Styles: identify and apply different leadership style in various leadership situations; apply different leadership theories and understand foundational characteristics of each style.
  • Understand the difference between Managers and Leaders.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the component pieces of creating claim teams; use practical examples and real-life situations of creating high performance teams; identify other tools that can be used to create high performing teams.
  • Develop an adjusters’ understanding of their connection to the customer experience and that they are a representation of the brand;
  • Influence and leadership approaches that are dependent on the situation and an intended audience
  • Identify key differences of leading through change vs. daily leadership; understand key leadership skills needed to manage through change; and Enhance leadership skills to equip participants to lead through change.
  • Talent Development: implement employee development plan to help individual enhance their skills and performance ; communicate often; provide continuous feedback for improvement; ensure skillset is matched to where they are going – right person for right role.