Universal Claims Certification (UCC)


UCC Overview
Q. Where is the UCC currently recognized?

Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana  and Mississippi. Texas has approved the UCC pre-certification course and exam as an approved pre-licensing course and exam. UCC continuing education satisfies the Texas continuing education requirement. Please note, anyone seeking to qualify for an Alabama, Arizona or Florida adjuster license solely by virtue of holding the UCC Certificate must complete the UCC's online 40 hour pre-certification program and pass the exam.


Q. Is the Universal Claims Certification a license?

No, the Universal Claims Certification (UCC) is a certification.

Q. Do I have to sit for an examination in order to obtain the UCC?

Licensed adjusters with a home state that requires passing an exam do not have to complete the UCC’s online 40-hour pre-certification program or exam. They simply complete the online UCC registration. However, if you are looking to become licensed in Alabama, Arizona or Florida solely by virtue of holding the UCC Certificate, you must complete the UCC 40 hour Precertification course and exam.
Unlicensed adjusters and those with a home state license from a state that does NOT require passing an exam, must complete the UCC’s online 40-hour pre-certification program and pass the exam before they may secure a UCC.

Q. How is the UCC exam delivered?

The UCC exam is delivered virtually via a secure online exam delivery system.

Q. Does the UCC virtual exam require a proctor?

Yes, a live proctor is required.

Q. How often is the UCC examination offered?

The UCC examination is offered within 4 testing windows per calendar year and may be taken anytime during the testing window:

January 15th - March 15th            
April 15th  - June 15th
July 15th - September 15th           
October 15th - December 15th 
Q. How do I print my UCC Certificate?

You may print your certificate by accessing your UCC Dashboard and downloading it.

Q. When does the UCC expire?

Twenty-four months from the date of certification.

Applying for Licenses
Q. Must I still apply for individual licenses?

Yes, the UCC is certification that you qualify to have a license in the states that accept the UCC, but you must still apply for your license in each state. Once you have your UCC, applications for additional adjuster licenses can be submitted via the CLM license tracking portal, CLM Tracker. The process in Florida is somewhat different. See next question.

Q. What steps must I follow to obtain an adjuster license in Florida?

Once you have your UCC, in Florida only, you need to apply for your license directly on the  State of Florida’s portal. You will also need to submit finger prints by following these instructions.

Q. Does Alabama currently accept electronic UCC based adjuster applications?
A. Alabama will begin accepting electronic UCC based adjuster applications effective January 1, 2020.
Q. Does California accept electronic designated home state applications?
A. Currently, California is not accepting electronic designated home state (DHS) applications. Adjusters with DHS licenses will need to submit a paper application and payment. The form can be found here: http://www.insurance.ca.gov/0200-industry/0050-renew-license/0200-requirements/insurance-adjuster.cfm
Q. Which states may require fingerprints as a pre-requisite to obtaining a license?

Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas may require finger printing. To complete your licensing process in each of those states.

Q. Can I apply and/or renew licenses in all states via CLM Tracker?
A. At this time Tracker does not support applications or renewals for Hawaii, New York or Washington . Please visit the links below for application instructions:
New York
UCC Costs
Q. What is the cost of the UCC registration?

Licensed Adjusters: $69 ($49 for adjusters employed by a CLM Corporate Member Company). The UCC is valid for two years.
Unlicensed Adjusters: $199 (for pre-certification course, exam and 2-year registration). $149 (for adjusters employed by a  CLM Corporate Member Company). The UCC is valid for two years.

Q. What is the cost to renew the UCC?

$69 ($49 for adjusters employed by a  CLM Corporate Member Company)

Q. What is the cost to retake the UCC exam?
  $89 ($69 for adjusters employed by a  CLM Corporate Member Company.)
Continuing Education
Q. How many continuing education hours is needed to maintain the UCC?

Twenty-four hours;19 hours of general credit and 5 hours of law and ethics.

Q. How do I track my UCC continuing education credits?

All tracking can be done via the  UCC portal.

Q. How can I obtain UCC continuing education credits?

Beginning Sept. 1, 2019, all CLM events and conferences will be offering UCC CE. Any approved UCC CE provider can also file for CE credits for training they are conducting. A full list of UCC-approved CE is available here.

Q. Does Texas currently accept UCC continuing education?

The Texas statute will begin accepting UCC continuing education credits taken on or after January 1, 2020.

Q. Does Mississippi currently accept UCC continuing education?
Mississippi does not currently accept UCC continuing education credits.