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Construction claims present a myriad of complexities in claims handling. Construction lawsuits are often multi-party cases with cross claims and third party claims between and among the numerous defendants. Insurance coverage is intertwined and complex due to the interplay of primary, excess, wrap and additional insurers for the numerous defendants. All this is further complicated by statutes and regulations, inconsistent caselaw and procedural peculiarities throughout the United States. The economic stakes are high as the damage claims can be in the multi-millions. Competent construction claims handling requires an understanding of the distinct legal and practical issues between commercial and residential claims. The School of Construction will provide adjusters with the knowledge, tools and understanding required to navigate these complex claims. Level 1 provides the claims professional with a solid base of knowledge regarding common (and not so common) forms used to provide coverage to construction firms and how to analyze coverage under same, the legal causes of action associated with a construction suit and how construction projects are managed. Level 2 will help students gain an understanding of the broader concepts and ideas surrounding construction claims and level 3 focuses on ensuring that the students can use the concepts learned, and knowledge gained, during the first two levels to influence others and to negotiate reasonable outcomes to a variety of construction claims.

Upon successful completion of all three levels of the School, graduates will receive the Certified Claims Professional (CCP) in Construction designation.



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