Claims College

Level 3 Learning Objectives
  • Key components of Subrogation: insurance companies & subrogation; proper handling of subrogation claims; resolving subrogation claims with third-parties  
  • Determining the right type of CAT response plan; developing, testing, and communicating a CAT plan; “Live” CAT event(s); Continual improvement of CAT plans & responses; Fraud Plan;
  • Dashboard Metrics: understanding the numerous analytics tools available in property claims; tools used to measure key performance claims metrics; Designing, Implementing and Operationalizing Dashboards
  • Good Faith Claims handling: understand the importance of "good faith" claims handling and the context in which many allegations of bad faith arise.
  • Vendor Management: understand the types of vendors available and how they may supplement current claims department capabilities; when, where, and how to use vendors; Negotiate contracts and service level agreements; Managing ongoing vendor relationships and services
  • Property Fraud: recognize and identify more complex, nuanced issues related to property fraud; Develop best practices in the adjustment and investigation of potential fraudulent claims; use the investigative tools in the insurance policy Recognize and prevent bad faith exposure in adjusting and investigating claims