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Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Community

The purpose of the Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Community is to assist members in obtaining a higher awareness of the issues, challenges and trends confronting those with premises liability exposures, insurance marketplace with an emphasis on matters related to litigation management, through a collaborative effort between insurance companies and brokerages, claims organizations and service providers.




8/14/2017 Friendly Reminder:
We are still accepting proposals for the 2018 CLM & Business Insurance Retail Restaurant & Hospitality Conference!
The deadline has been extended to August 20, 2017.

Use the following link to review conference details and submit your topic: 2018 CLM/BI RR&H Conference.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ebony Little at CLM.

Friends: We are requesting your assistance in securing a great keynote speaker for the one of the Premier Sessions of the 2017 CLM National Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Conference in Dallas on February 24, 2017.  Specifically, we would like someone to speak on a topic that will get folks out of bed and to breakfast Friday morning.  The topic need not be industry-related.  We thought about finding someone with a unique perspective on a specific event, for example the Kennedy Assassination, but would appreciate any other ideas for topics or speakers.  Please send your suggested speakers/topics to Mr. Nathan Wakefield (Nathan.Wakefield@theclm.org) by Monday, October 24th.  Thank you.

5/11/2016 Please join us for the Surviving the Active Shooter: What You and Your Employees Need to Know webinar at 12:00 Eastern today!  Registration is still open!  Click here to sign up