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Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Community

The purpose of the Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Community (CMPL) is to assist members in obtaining a higher awareness of issues and trends in the management & professional liability insurance marketplace with an emphasis on matters related to litigation management through a collaborative effort between insurance companies and brokerages, claims organizations and service providers. To strengthen the industry resources available for management & professional liability claims and litigation professionals, CLM has transitioned executive oversight of the new CMPL Community to the CMPL Advisory Board. This board comprised of industry leaders will guide the development of extensive professional liability resources. Both Fellows and Members are eligible to join.




10/22/2021 Hello,
We are looking for CLM Fellows – industry professionals – who would like to co-present a CE webinar on Medical Malpractice in February or March 2022. We have a CLM Member who has expressed interest in co-presenting, so you will be working with him to complete the CE docs – outline, CE questions, and PowerPoint (or Narrative) – within the next 2 months to submit the webinar for accreditation.
If you would like more information, or would like to co-present a webinar on other topics later in 2022, please contact
Thank you!
7/12/2021 Hello,
If you are a CLM Fellow (industry professional) interested in participating in the below ADR/Cyber webinar on October 7th, please reach out to Milan Chambers at for more information:
Mediating Data Breach, Ransomware, Cyber & Privacy Lawsuits
So now that a data breach has been contained, a ransom paid, insurance claims submitted, and lawsuits pending – what’s next? Mediation. Money to be recovered by the insurer, person or entity who incurred the expense of recovering from a data breach and/or paying a ransom - subrogating against the allegedly negligent entities that allowed the threat actors into the company’s network. Privacy lawsuits by consumers or state agencies waiting to be settled. “Silent cyber” insurance issues perhaps to be resolved. Join this panel for a practical discussion on resolving these ever-evolving types of losses and lawsuits vis-à-vis mediation.
6/9/2021 Hello,
If you are interested in sharing your expertise at the 2021 CLM Focus Conference, December 2nd in New York, the proposal portal is currently open until Tuesday, June 15th!
You may submit a proposal on a topic of your choice, or choose from one of the suggested topics listed below:
  • -Covid 19 and Cyber Liability
  • -COVID-19 Forcing Changes to Cyber Insurance
  • -Cyber Security and Work-From-Home
  • -Cyber Security and the Internet of Things
Additionally, if you have any questions regarding proposal submission, joining a panel, or need assistance, please reach out to the Extra-Contractual Committee liaison at
4/6/2021 Hello, 

We are still looking for Medical Malpractice, Management and Professional Liability proposals for the 2021 CLM Focus Conference in October. The proposal submission portal is set to close next Wednesday, April 14th. Please see the suggested topics below, and if you have any questions, please contact


Medical Malpractice
  • Sexual Misconduct claims beyond the traditional hospital environment (residential facilities, outpatient treatment centers, etc.)
  • Avoiding malpractice and bad faith when your team is entirely virtual
Management Liability
  • What are juries like post- or mid-COVID
  • Bold steps firms, insurance companies, and other businesses can and should take to work for workplace equality and social justice
  • How can you manage your practice/business when you employ Boomers, Gen Xrs, and Millenial
Professional Liability
  • Covid-19 liability exposure of Professionals: Insurance Agents/Brokers, Law Firms and Design Professionals
  • Fair Housing complaints
  • ADA website compliance violations against Realtors, Brokers and other Professionals
  • How has practicing law and handling claims changed because of COVID? The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • If you can include an arbitration clause in your professional engagement letter, should you
8/18/2020 Hello, 

We have an exciting opportunity available for one CLM Fellow to co-present a webinar in November or December on the topic: Big Exposures for Small Businesses: Defending IP Claims Arising out of Online Advertising (sponsored by Wilson Elser).

CLM's webinars last 50 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. You will work closely with the current co-presenter to develop an outline, narrative, and answer CE questions to qualify this webinar for CE credit for attendees.

If you have any interest, please reach out to the community's CLM liaison at