Panel Counsel

Panel Counsel

Maximize Your Time and Money
Schedule your panel firm meeting in conjunction with a CLM Conference

The CLM will:

  • Send out the evites, track responses and send you a final attendance list.
  • Provide the room and the audiovisual equipment for your meeting at no cost.
  • Give one free registration at the conference where you are hosting your meeting.

Attorneys attending the panel meeting do not need to be a CLM Member to attend nor are they required to attend the CLM conference. However, if they wish to attend the CLM conference, membership to the CLM would be required. We encourage you to nominate all attorneys from your panel firms for CLM membership.

The CLM is here to support you in your efforts to develop good working relationships with your panel.

For more information or to schedule your panel meeting contact:

Tanya Stoveall
Event Specialist