Claims College
Take Your Claims Education to the Next Level 
Claims College is the boost your career needs now. It provides the tools you need to excel in your job today and prepare you for growth tomorrow. Bonus – it puts you on track to earning the highly desired Certified Claims Professional (CCP) and Advanced Claims Professional (ACP) designations.
Real-World Skills
This isn’t a conference – it’s specialized education designed for claims professionals by leading industry experts who have seen it all. You’ll reap the benefit of their experience with practical takeaways, tools, and new approaches to the issues you deal with every day. This is real-world knowledge with real-world application. Over three days, you will be immersed in an interactive classroom, receive live, hands-on instruction, and interact with other claims professionals, just like you.
Choose Your School
Claims College offers 11 different specialty schools, based on the number of courses in the curriculum.
Three-Level Schools provide comprehensive progressive education. All students begin with a virtual Level 1 course, or take a test out option, then progress to Level 2 and 3 courses in-person. Examinations are administered at the conclusion of each level.Upon successful completion of all three levels, you will earn the highly desired CCP designation which validates your expertise and demonstrates your commitment to claims.
Choose from our Three-Level School Programs:
One-Level Schools deliver knowledge condensed into a single in-person course. An examination is administered at the conclusion, and upon successful completion, you will receive a Certification of Completion. 
Choose from our One-Level School Programs:
Show the World You're a Claims Expert
Students who earn their Certified Claims Professional (CCP) designation and complete two One-Level School programs earn the Advanced Claims Professional (ACP) designation which sets you apart from your peers and demonstrates your commitment to claims.
Claims College only happens once a year. Enrollment is limited to ensure optimal student- instructor ratios. Enroll now!

  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022 to

    Saturday, September 10, 2022

  • LEVEL ONE of all Three-Level Schools & All Levels of School of Cyber Claims



    LEVELS TWO and THREE of all Three-Level Schools & All One-Level Schools

    Marriott Baltimore Waterfront
    700 Aliceanna Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 385-3000

  •   Early Bird Rate Regular Rate
    In-Person Fellows* $649 $749
    Virtual Fellows* $399 $499
    In-Person Members** $1,299 $1,299
    Virtual Members** $799 $799
    Corporate Fellows Free Free
    • In-Person Fellows*

      Early Bird Rate

      Regular Rate

    • Virtual Fellows*

      Early Bird Rate

      Regular Rate

    • In-Person Members**

      Early Bird Rate

      Regular Rate

    • Virtual Members**

      Early Bird Rate

      Regular Rate

    • Corporate Fellows

      Early Bird Rate

      Regular Rate


    * Claims, Risk and Litigation Management Professionals

    ** Only defense attorneys with fewer than five years of experience are eligible to attend.

  • CE/CLE provided upon completion of each School level.



  • Rolfes 5.10.22


  • ABI 7.22.22
  • Champ8.1.22
  • Colodny 7.28.21
  • Paragon 6.16.21


  • Five Sigma 7.29.22


  • Arcadia 6.8.21


  • Ametros 12.6.21
  • cybir5.28.21
  • Insure 3.23.21
  • Margolis 5.10.22
  • NARS 5.10.22
  • Themis 6.17.21
  • Verisk 7.26.22