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Cyber risks and exposures are evolving at a rapid rate as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and prevalent.
The School of Cyber Claims arms you to proactively and effectively manage claims that arise under traditional insurance policies and stand-alone cyber insurance policies. You will gain the tools and comprehensive knowledge with real-world scenarios from leading industry experts who have seen it all.

We will cover privacy and data protection principles, regulations, and laws, as well as cutting-edge strategies to resolve cyber claims. The curriculum, theories, case scenarios, principles, and test questions were designed to be used on a daily basis – so they have real-world application.
The Curriculum
This comprehensive program is comprised of three progressive levels. For more detail on the courses, please view the complete learning objectives.

Level 1
Focus on the foundations of privacy, personal data, and information risk management principles, as well as state and federal regulations. Students will gain an understanding of major sources of cyber threats, stages of a data breach, and the types of insurance policies that can be triggered by a first party and third-party claims.
This course is delivered virtually. Upon successful completion of the final exam students may advance to Level 2. Students also have the option to test out of Level 1 and begin their course of study with Level 2. 
Level 2
Prerequisite: Cyber Claims Level 1 or test out option
Focus on the stages of cyber underwriting and claims processing and best practices for common claims handling challenges. Students will also gain an understanding of the competing concerns and issues which arise as a cyber breach unfolds.
This course is taught in person. Upon successful completion of the final exam, students may advance to Level 3.
Level 3
Prerequisite: Cyber Claims Level 2
Learn tools to critically evaluate different cyber events, including relevant first-party expenses and/or third-party liability exposures including cyber terrorism, phishing, hacking and a DDOS attack. Students will gain an understanding of the methods, motives, and tools of threat actors, as well as learn about the ever-changing landscape of emerging technologies.
This course is taught in person. Upon successful completion of the final exam, students will earn their CCP designation.
Certified Claims Professional Designation
Upon completion of all three levels, you will earn the Certified Claims Professional (CCP) designation in Cyber Claims, including a digital badge to showcase your accomplishment. Earning this designation sets up apart from your peers and signals your expertise to your manager or prospective employer.
Claims College only happens once a year. Enrollment is limited to ensure optimal student-instructor ratios. Enroll now!


Elizabeth Fitch  Managing Partner, Righi Fitch Law Group

Theodore Schaer  Attorney, Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy

Executive Council

Kelly Geary  National Practice Leader - Executive Risk & Cyber, EPIC

Ken Goldstein  Clinical Instructor of Risk Management and Insurance, University of Hartford

Deborah Saunders  Senior Director Claims Management, Comcast NBCUniversal



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