Session Proposal


MARCH 29-31, 2023


We receive hundreds of Annual Conference session proposals each year. To improve your chances of being selected, here are some suggestions:

  • Our theme for the 2023 CLM Annual Conference is Ready. Set. Future. We hope to provide attendees the most timely and relevant educational content with a forward-thinking future focus. Please consider how your proposal aligns with the theme.
  • Clearly define your subject matter and be sure that it is suitable for an audience of senior level industry professionals.
  • Select a new or emerging topic, megatrend, or topic that has seen recent significant changes.
  • Assemble a panel that represents various relevant points of view (e.g., corporate counsel, risk manager, claims manager, insurance, claims executive and/or outside counsel). Remember - your panel should include a minimum of two and maximum of four speakers, with at least one being a Fellow.
  • Assemble a panel that includes diverse speakers (race, gender, sexual orientation, people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Include in your session description an overview of how you will engage the audience in the conversation.
  • Include two learning objectives to clearly define attendee’s takeaways.