In Hot Pursuit

Strategies for chasing subrogation after wildfire damages.

Inside Risk: Gawain Charlton-Perrin

The Hanover Insurance Group's Director of Risk Management discusses the role of ethics in his unique role.

The Real Cost of Claims Professional Fee Concessions

Procurement people may be unaware of the unintended consequences of not balancing the better, faster, cheaper equation.

What If Uber and Zipcar Had a Baby?

The future of streaming transportation services.

Liability Medicare Set-Asides Are Coming Soon to the Medicare Agenda

CMS considers an expansion of the MSA review process to include liability insurance and no-fault insurance.

What unique qualities do women bring to the insurance claims industry?

Issy Bustamante of Willis Towers Watson, and three others answer this month's question.

Making a Murderer’s Policy Problems

Did exclusions and coverage issues play a factor in Steven Avery’s case?

Partnering for Success on Suspicious Premises Liability Claims

How SIUs can use their backgrounds and knowledge to partner with insureds and deter suspicious losses.

Comfort Zone

Why thermostat and humidistat wiring matters—for now.

Getting to Know: CLM New York

Extra-Contractual Committee Co-Chair Ted Colquett discusses developing CLM New York

Five Reasons to Stop Using Email to Collaborate About Claims Litigation

Why it is no longer the most effective way to communicate and what are better options.

Pinning Down Worth

Using key value factors to assess political campaign buttons.

Around the Nation: October 2016

State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.

XX Marks the Spot

Stellar women in CLM and industry leadership shine a light on the importance of being good communicators.

In the C-Suite with Jeanette Hernandez

Carl Warren & Company’s Chief Operations and Claims Officer explains why handling claims is all about communication.

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