Litigation Management

Defense Done Right

Section 230 Under Fire Once Again

New legislation proposes sunset during the final week of 2025

The Evolving Landscape of Liability Litigation

Sedgwick study: More claims litigated; higher attorney representation

Representing the Not-for-Profit Board

Best practices for an effective attorney-client relationship

When Contracts Conflict

U.S. Supreme Court clarifies arbitrability disputes in crypto exchange case

No Duty Owed to Patrons When Shoplifters Steal

Florida decision finds employees' actions did not escalate situation

Shattering the Doom Loop

Quieting our internal chatter to break the cycle of ruin

Broad Non-Disparagement Clauses No Longer Permitted

In New Jersey, provisions concealing details related to discrimination, retaliation, or harassment run afoul of the law

When Does a Pre-Suit Demand Letter Constitute a Claim?

New York decision emphasizes importance of understanding policy terms and timelines

Enhancing Reliability

Amended Michigan rule of evidence and its impact on expert witness testimony

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