Staying in the Commercial and Personal Auto Lane

Marijuana’s Road Risks

Medical or not, truck drivers must say nope to dope

Clock Nears Midnight for Civil Monetary Penalties

Mitigating factors that primary payers can take now.

Don’t Overlook Loss of Use

Understanding state-by-state nuances can provide advantages

COVID-19’s Effect on Commercial Trucking

We ask CLM members and fellows about the commercial trucking environment.

A Focus FAQ

Everything you need to know about CLM’s June Focus event

Don’t Fear New Technology

How first responder body cams aid accident-scene investigations

The Future Is Being Recorded

Seeking out accident videos should become as common as obtaining witness statements

The Roundabout

When transportation claims go nuclear

Seeking Higher Ground

When does the common carrier standard of care actually apply?

The Roundabout

What’s driving litigation in transportation claims

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