Staying in the Commercial and Personal Auto Lane

Bumps in the Road

An evaluation of pediatric biomechanics following motor vehicle accidents

Spotlight on Transportation

CLM’s newest educational event offering, Spotlight, launches in June with a focus on addressing trending transportation issues.

The Roundabout

Transportation experts share how to effectively navigate from accident to resolution

The Roundabout

Changing the narrative in transportation-related losses

Don’t Phone It In

Mobile device data analysis in personal injury litigation

The Power of Youth

Pilot program waives minimum age for interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers

Tales From the Tow Yard

Strategies for dealing with difficult tow situations

Defending Ride-Hailing and Car-Sharing Claims

Handling accident-related lawsuits in a shared economy

After the Crash

How to protect mobile device evidence to avoid wrecking your trucking accident claims

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CLM’s Transportation Committee provides education, training, and solutions on significant current commercial and personal transportation issues facing insurance carriers, corporations, and other entities and individuals.

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