Workers' Compensation

Injured at Home

Workers’ compensation claims in a remote work world

Doubling Down on Damages

As MAP enrollment gains momentum, so does the risk for a private cause of action

Why Do Claimants Lie?

Because they can, and swift prosecution is the only way to deter it

Overcoming Opioid Arguments

How workers’ comp is helping to break the cycle of abuse

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Previewing CLM’s upcoming Workers’ Comp, Casualty, and Risk Management conference.

A Fresh Look at Structures

Save on claims payouts, reduce litigation time and expense, and provide a lifetime of safety and security to claimants

Under the Influence of the Intoxication Defense

Differing state laws can affect workers’ compensation claims for injuries

Workers' Comp Study Examines Physician Treatment Rates

The study is the first to examine the workers’ compensation physician marketplace across multiple states.

The Dual Employment Duel

The ongoing workers’ compensation issues facing professional employer organizations nationwide

To Submit or Not To Submit

That is the question with Medicare Set-Asides

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  Workers' Compensation
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