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Workers' Compensation

What’s Driving Increased Medical Costs?

NCCI study examines the impact of rising facility expenses

Five Things You Should Know About Workers’ Comp PBMs

How to lay a framework for critically appraising PBM offerings and avoiding a loss of savings.

Calling All Workers Comp, Casualty, and Risk Management Experts!

Make 2023 the year you share your knowledge with other like-minded claims and litigation professionals.

To Be or Not To Be

The independent contractor versus employee debate continues

Three Keys to Mitigate Workers’ Compensation Exposure

How surveillance, witnesses, and vocational rehabilitation can help cut costs

Long Covid and Workers’ Compensation

NCCI looks at claims data and trends to analyze impact on carriers

Medicare Conditional Payments: What You Need to Know

Efficient resolution approaches in Medicare beneficiary settlements

Understanding the Interactive Process

How employers can avoid litigation through reasonable accommodation

Navigating Uncharted Territory

How to avoid danger zones in the evolving landscape of Medicaid liens

Enter the DTI MRI

How an alternative form of imaging can impact traumatic brain injury cases

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  Workers' Compensation
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  Workers' Compensation
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