Workers' Compensation

The Blame Game: Disability Accommodation Edition

Predicting verdicts in cases involving injured employees

Workplace-Hazards at Home

Mitigating the dangers of an at-home workplace

Clock Nears Midnight for Civil Monetary Penalties

Mitigating factors that primary payers can take now.

Liability Waivers in the COVID-19 Age

Why these security blankets aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be

CLM's WC/RRH Virtual Conference

Presenters' takeaways from this online-only event

Finding Alternatives to Narcotics in Workers Compensation

Opioid use in the age of prescription abuse, misuse, diversion, and over-prescribing

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Workers Compensation?

Here’s what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.

Be Kind and Keep It Simple

Managing litigated workers compensation claims through advocacy and empathy.

Walmart's COVID-19 Problem

How plaintiffs are bringing direct actions against employers like Walmart for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19.

Is It Compensable?

A COVID-19 workers compensation Q&A provides answers to common claims questions

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