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Inside Information, Outside the Contract

Getting Their Voices Heard

The modern trend towards insurer intervention in liability suits

Runaway Inflation

Adjusting for social inflation in litigation

Personalizing Corporate Defendants

How to tell a human story about your client’s company

The Gathering Storm

When mass tort litigation trends collide with bad-faith claims

Rules of the Road

Five tips for successful claims and litigation management

CLM National: August 2020

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Getting to Know: Cathy Gicker

If you’ve ever met Allstate's senior claims consultant SIU-Casualty East, then you already know there is more to her than meets the eye.

Closing the Door on Pain Management Abuse

Taking a closer look at opioids, compounds, and injections in auto accident claims

A Pandemic in the Making

Losses related to coronavirus raise insurance coverage questions and concerns

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Matthew Smith

This former insurance defense firm founder is now executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

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CLM’s Extra-Contractual Committee marshals cutting-edge knowledge, expertise, and resources to offer a strong platform of programs for resolution executives, managers, and front-line professionals. The committee helps develop educational and collaborative programs that promote proactive management of extra-contractual issues in multiline insurance settings.

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