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From Cyber to the C-Suite

The Key to Professional Liability Claims

Takeaways from the Cyber, Management, and Professional Liability Community's recent webinar, "From Beginning to End: Strategies and Challenges in Navigating a Professional Liability Claim From the Onset Through Trial"

Beyond the Line of Scrimmage

The NFL’s ongoing battle against concussions and CTE

Runaway BIPA Settlements and Judgments

How violations of Biometric Information Privacy Acts could impact company liability and cyber coverages

Figuring Out the Details

Practical tips for evaluating and investigating cyber incidents and claims

Back to School on EPL and Cyber

Insuring educational institutions becomes a lesson in risk mitigation

Taking the Bait

Why commercial real estate tenant poaching could be the next property management E&O trend

When Substitutions Go Wrong

Why value engineering can create potential liability instead of savings

Shields Up

Cyber concerns in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Bright Ideas in Risk

Four technology trends that can help prevent claims from happening in the first place

Targeting SPACs

Increased SEC focus on special purpose acquisition companies has implications for D&O insurers

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About The Community

CLM’s Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Community helps raise awareness of issues and trends in the management & professional liability insurance marketplace, with an emphasis on litigation management through a collaborative effort between insurance companies and brokerages, claims organizations and service providers.

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