From Cyber to the C-Suite

Who Owns That Social Media Account?

Court must decide if creator or company assumes ownership

Global Ransomware Attacks Reach Record High in 2023

Corvus report outlines trends as separate report links issue to AI tools

AI on the Open Road

How emerging technologies will impact trucking claims

Distracted Driving on the Rise and Impacting Combined Ratios

Experts weigh benefits, risks of using telematics to combat the trends

A Deep Dive Into SEC's New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules

Companies required to publicly report cybersecurity incidents within four business days

Florida Bar Adopts Guidance for AI

Four areas of concern highlighted; upholding ethical duties stressed

Cyber Incidents Top 2024 Global Corporate Risks

Natural catastrophes, fires and explosions, and political risks are rising concerns

Generative AI in Claims

What is the best use of AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard in claims and litigation?

Risk Trends for 2023

Cybercrime, property losses, and supply chain disruptions remain areas of focus

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