Building Better Claims Outcomes

Generative AI: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How I use (and don't use) AI to save time and improve efficiency

Have Your Say: The Impact of Florida Tort Reform on Construction Claims

Weigh in on our survey and be featured in CLM's Construction Claims magazine

Bigger in Texas

CLM’s Construction Conference has a new location and an ambitious lineup

Narrowing the Playing Field

Strategies for South Carolina practitioners to determine and eliminate potential damages in construction cases

Charting a Course in Construction Litigation

A look at the post-pandemic legal landscape as supply chain issues and delays persist

The Infrastructure Act: Beneath the Surface

Upgrades after the big bill and the resulting utility claims

The Business Case for DEI

As construction lags behind in diversity, the conversation must shift

New York Labor Law Rulings Provide Signs of Hope

Court rulings show a possible path forward when Scaffold Law violations are alleged

CLM Says: How Should Claims Departments View Generative AI?

Our construction professionals weigh in on the industry’s approach to tools like ChatGPT

Making the Call: Four Factors To Consider When Taking a Case to Trial

Giving thought to the team, the math, special considerations, and expectations

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