Claims Management

Strategies, Solutions, Innovations, Education

Spotting the Pitfalls

Understanding Medicare Treasury claims and learning how to avoid them

Traveling Down a Bumpy Road

Carrier challenges and opportunities

Unleash Your Expertise!

Together we can create the most focused and ingenious Annual Conference yet

We Could Use a Little ‘Nudge’

Changing our environment to drive more effective and efficient decisions

Are We Automating Bias?

Taking steps to ensure AI systems do not discriminate when screening applicants, employees

Mentorship Is a Two-Way Street

Women professionals building relationships that benefit mentors and mentees

Building the Ideal Modern Claims Professional

Tomorrow’s skills are increasingly necessary, but traditional qualities are as important as ever

Claims in a Riskier World

No matter how many disasters occur, our industry is there to help those impacted

Exiting the Scene

The benefits of taking part in an exit interview

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