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Earth, Wind, Fire, and More

An Industry Under Water?

A post-Hurricane Ian look at the NFIP and the private flood insurance marketplace

Hurricane Ian Damage (Photos)

The storm's path of destruction through Florida was severe.

What Adjusters Need To Know at the Peak of Hurricane Season

We are well into CAT season, so there is no better time to fine-tune and improve your claims process

Peak Storm Season

Have legislative and regulatory reforms prepared us for a better future?

Turning Down the Heat

Florida legislature attempts to cool a white-hot property litigation market

Risk, Insurance, and the Age of Digital Mining

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain in popularity, insurers must better understand their exposures

Frozen Texas

Anticipating construction defects and code revisions after the state’s major winter storm

Deep in the Heart of (Frozen) Texas

A former CAT adjuster explains what to expect after the state's catastrophic winter freeze

Avoid a Slippery Situation

What certified consulting meteorologists can bring to the settlement table

Risk Control Trends for 2021

Technology isn’t just mitigating claims; it’s helping prevent them in the first place

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CLM’s Property Committee provides education relevant topics, practical skills, and innovative strategies for handling property claims and litigation related to coverage and insurance claims for CLM’s members and fellows.

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