Schemes, Trends, and Tactics

Do D&O Policies Cover Computer Fraud Claims?

California court finds insurer has duty to defend HOA

GenAI: The Double-Edged Sword

A powerful tool for both perpetrating and combatting fraud

Exposing the Labor Law Epidemic

Rampant fraud and outdated statutes plague New York's construction industry

Reflections on a Four-Decade Fight Against Fraud

Matthew Smith discusses retirement, his career, and the industry's challenges and opportunities

Organizations Across Multiple Industries Turn to AI To Root Out Fraud

Three in five organizations expect to increase budgets for anti-fraud technology over next two years

Insurance Fraud: Victimless Crime? Think Again

CLM 2023 Focus session explores types of schemes, why they matter, and the lack of consequences for perpetrators

Finding the Red Flags

Examining cases of fraud

Fighting Medical Build-Up Schemes

How to recognize and fight back against a broken system

Taking Center Stage

The legal gymnastics of faked car accidents

308.6 Billion Reasons to Care

Recalculating the economic costs of insurance fraud for the first time in 27 years reveals startling conclusions

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CLM’s Insurance Fraud Committee identifies, analyzes, and offers education on emerging fraud schemes and tactics; monitors and reports on developments in case law, state fraud statutes and applicable regulations; collaborates with other anti-fraud industry organizations and associations; and seeks to provide amicus support in matters of importance in the fight against insurance fraud.

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