Awash in AOBs

First-party insurers wrestle with assignment of benefit claims fraud post-disaster.

Inside Risk: Joni Mason

Wells Fargo Insurance Services' Vice President, Professional Risk Practice, provides constant guidance for complex liability claims.

How does Matthew compare to other past hurricanes like Andrew, Hugo, and Katrina?

John "David" McCullough of Central Adjustment Company and four others answer this month's question.

Uncovering Misrepresentations in Insurance Applications

Auto fraudsters may misrepresent their residence, where the vehicle is garaged, the true owner, and the true identity of the principal operator.

Engineered for Success

Remembering what Katrina and Sandy taught us about wind-versus-water reports.

Cyber Claims Will Drive Cyber Coverage

Methodically finding ways to manage cyberthreat by using all the tools in the box.

Getting to Know: Karen Schuster

Klein & Company’s VP of sales shares how the temporary housing provider meets insurers' needs when disasters like Hurricane Matthew hit.

On the Scene

Claims professionals in the field shed light on Matthew’s first response.

Will Emerging Technologies Disrupt Claims?

Research and work with insurers has provided clues as to how the industry is thinking and acting regarding emerging technologies.

Protecting Water World

Big flood map changes take effect in the Big Easy.

Around the Nation: November 2016

State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.

The Importance of Assuming the “Pounce Position”

The advantages and desirability of assembling a fully staffed team both pre-loss and post-loss.

Tales From the Jewelry Box

Real-life claims offer a chance for education.

Changing Times

Exciting new flagship publication coming soon and special thanks to the Insurance and Fraud Committee on covering Hurricane Matthew.

In the C-Suite with Gareth Hedges

The Redwoods Group’s Chief Claims Officer explains how he literally swam to success, and why his company practices “disorientation.”

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