Swept Under the Rug

The duration and extent of a water loss can be established by studying the lowly carpet tack strip.

Estimates Unveiled

Part Three: Identifying and understanding variables in overhead and profit can reduce your chances of overpaying a claim.

This Looks Like a Disaster Area!

But it doesn’t have to for long if you turn to a competent restoration company.

Don't Back-Bench Subrogation Efforts

By benchmarking subrogation results, insurers can improve processes and stop cramping their combined ratio.

Keeping the Reins Short on UM

It’s only a rare case in which courts are loosening the definitions and applicability of uninsured motorist coverage.

Getting Burned by Missing Evidence

Whether it’s by mistake or intent, spoliation of evidence can disintegrate subrogation claims.

Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater

Totaling a car just because it has non-collision damage is a chronic and costly mistake.

To Err Is Human

Using human factors analysis to establish fault in auto accidents can prevent unwarranted payouts, finger the guilty and determine effects on premiums.

Waiting for the Big One

Experts warn the United States is due for a major earthquake, but are we ready?

Denying the Dumpster

No need to toss everything out in a large textile loss when restoration specialists are available to advise on salvage.

Anti-Subro Laws

Multiple states have proposed or passed laws that threaten carriers' abilities to subrogate, and the trend is expected to continue.

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