New Protesters, Old Problems

After Charlottesville, a look at the challenges of municipal liability

A Foundation of Support

Meet the charitable organizations supported by CLM

A SPARC of Hope

SPARC Act aims to provide clarity on Medicare Part D lien recovery rights

The Problems with Harvey

Litigation lessons learned from previous storms should help insurers address inevitable challenges

Retooling the Review

Tips for improving the dreaded claims performance ritual

Harvey's Coverage Issues

“Post-Hurricane Harvey, what claims and litigation issues do you foresee occurring?”

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Deborah Saunders

See what this CLM advisory board member has to say about her own career successes.

An Interview to Remember

Overcoming obstacles to your career and job search with interview advice

Sticking Together

During times like this is when our industry must shine

National News: September 2017

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Partnering for Innovation

Taking ride-sharing to the next level

What and Where of Rip and Tear

An overview of rip and tear costs, related coverage, and verdict issues.

Living Proof of Roofs

The grass is not always greener for design professionals

The Connected Claims Experience

How smart devices are providing the data that claims professionals need

Counting What Counts

Litigation metrics and how to build them

The Art of Arbitration

Experts weigh in on what to consider before filing for arbitration

The Contract, the Law, and the Courts

Determining the enforceability of indemnity agreements is a three-step process

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