Getting to Know: Gillian Cummings-Beck

Managing risk across three fashion brand portfolios is not a one-size-fits-all proposition

National News: November 2017

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Botas en el Suelo

First-hand account of Hurricane Maria's devastation in Puerto Rico

Press “0” to Speak With the Chatbot

How hiring managers put the “art” into artificial intelligence.

Building the Best

How to develop talent in a claims organization

The Wrath on Grapes

Responding to every disaster that comes our way is something for which we should all be proud.

Understanding the Spike in Mold Claims

Environmental policies are more important than ever

The Impact of Exponential Technology Disruption on Insurance

What does the future hold for property insurers?

Owning the Drone

How a patent plays out in the field

Doubling Down on Data

More information and insights can be beneficial, but watch for ethical and legal pitfalls

Help Needed!

An existing construction skilled labor shortage and supply chain risks will be further strained by post-storm demands.

Don’t Get Tanked

CLM’s Subrogation Committee looked at the unique aspects of investigating large acrylic aquarium failure claims

Cyber Trends

"What is the biggest cyber concern from a claims perspective, and are we prepared for it?"

Attorneys Fee Tort Claim Trap

Subcontractors and insurers need to be aware of creative uses of state statutes.

In Claims, It’s a Candidate’s Market

Understanding the war for talent—and how to win it

Implementing Cybersecurity Legislation

An overview of the NYDFS and NAIC model laws

A Home After the Storm

How does additional living expense coverage respond to insureds impacted by hurricanes?

When Cases Reach an Impasse

Achieving the best recovery in the shortest time possible

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