National News: December 2017

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Michael Baumel

Not many claims professionals find their way to the industry by way of the criminal prosecution courtroom.

Avoiding Cookie-Cutter Defense Strategies

CLM’s Product Liability Committee recently cooked up a webinar for when litigation cost-savings go stale.

Drone Damage

What happens when a UAV becomes the claim?

Gift-Giving Ideas

If you could give the gifts of greater industry-wide funding to any one claims function, what would it be?

New Hands on Deck

Refilling a professional pipeline siphoned off by Harvey, Irma, and Maria

If You Don’t Reach Conclusion, Forget the Exclusion

When it comes to conduct exclusions, be mindful of your burden of proof

What a Year

December is always a great time for reflection, of considering the gifts we’ve been given and those that we wish to bestow.

A Season of Giving

The CLM Foundation wraps up its first year with donations—and a call to action

A More Perfect Union

Challenges and opportunities with insurance and legal services mergers and acquisitions

Clinical and Legal Advocacy in a WCMSA

Strategic approaches for cost minimization in Medicare Set-Asides

Spirits of the Season

In dram shop litigation, a proactive pre-suit investigation can head off that mid-litigation surprise

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