CLM Voices: Getting to Know Catherine Lyle

Learn more about Coalition's head of claims and the trends she is seeing in cybertheft and crime.

Revisiting Employee Theft and Embezzlement

Further advice on how to decrease fraudulent claims

CLM National: July 2020

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Picking Up the Pieces

Property insurance issues raised in the wake of recent racial injustice rioting

Ganging Up on Landlords

Landlords face premises liability claims under Gang Act decision

COVID-19’s Impact on Claims Volumes

CLM study offers insights from 70 claims executives

Careers in the Age of COVID-19

Job hunting during a pandemic

Turning a Blind Eye to Sex Trafficking

Why these civil suits may emerge as a new cottage industry for claims

Garden State’s Marijuana Problem

Will New Jersey employers have to cover reimbursement?

Good Faith, Bad Food

Assessing liability when food donations lead to illness

CLM's WC/RRH Virtual Conference

Presenters' takeaways from this online-only event

Determining Disruptions

COVID-19-related business interruption insurance claims come into focus

Creating Opportunity From Catastrophe

Huge hurricane losses can be successful—and can even create opportunities

Taking the Air Out of Social Inflation

The answer is not fear; it’s understanding and strategy

Connecting With Others

How CLM is developing relationships and fostering connections

Cannabis, COVID-19, and Cleanup

Risk factors for the use of disinfectants, biocides, and cleaners

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