Getting to Know: Dwight Geddes

Whether he’s creating a claims and SIU unit from the ground up or launching his own business, this industry and CLM veteran has done it all

Priming Amazon’s Liability Pump

Courts are divided over the company’s legal liability for defective third-party products

Prescribing a Recommendation

The compensability of medical marijuana in workers’ compensation

Plain Language, Practice, or Policy?

Tips for defending COVID-19 workers' compensation claims

What Does Winning the Professional of the Year Award Mean to You?

CLM’s Professionals of the Year weigh in on their wins

Fools Rush In

Factors to consider before and while litigating coverage issues

The State of Pay-For-Play

College athletes as employees and the implications for workers’ compensation

Changing Priorities

Annual Conference keynote points to diversity, innovation as top industry challenges

Clearing the Backlog

Takeaways from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee's recent webinar, “ADR and the Aftermath of COVID-19”

Leading Out Loud: Construction

Two experts discuss trends in construction, volatility in prices and availability of building supplies, and the challenges brought by COVID-19

Data Privacy Comes Into Focus

New York City’s biometric law opens the door to significant civil liability

CLM National: September 2021

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Seasons of Change

COVID-19 is teaching us many lessons; will we listen?

The Hallowed Halls of CLM

At Claims College, the next generation of claims leaders learn from the best in the industry

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