Shields Up

Cyber concerns in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Of the (PEO)ple, by the (PEO)ple, for the (PEO)ple

Tepid optimism for professional employer organizations in the land of workers’ comp

Considering the Alternative

Arbitration in construction matters and beyond

Keeping it Together

The supply chain crisis and its impact on construction

When the Clock Starts Running

California courts limit unlicensed contractor disgorgement claims

A Supervisor by Any Other Name

Washington considers when knowledge of a safety violation may be imputed to the employer

Rebuilding America

A look at the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and what it means for the construction industry

Backdraft in the West

As the smoke clears, major changes from the West’s devastating wildfires impact the construction industry

Making Up the Difference?

Tax neutralization in Florida construction-defect cases

Ask the Expert: Pandemic Trends

A look at new construction materials and techniques that have emerged in the age of COVID-19

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