Building Toward the Future

The catastrophic consequences of avoiding forward-thinking construction

From the Ground-Up

Allocation of responsibility in construction-defect litigation

Ask the Expert: Solving the Labor Shortage

AGC's CEO looks at the continuing skilled labor shortage in construction

Updating Florida's ‘25% Rule’

Recent legislation changes how the code applies to existing roofing

Cleaning Up the Mess

What happens when construction lien claims beget construction-defect counterclaims, and how to avoid both

Contract Terms Vs. Public Policy

Builders in Arizona may not limit the scope of implied warranty of workmanship and habitability

Coverage Too Narrow

Restrictive claims-made CGL policy held to violate Washington public policy

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Designers and contractors working together and splitting apart

Who’s Responsible?

Eliminating Liability for Subcontractor Employee Injuries in California

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