Getting Ahead of Cannabusiness Liability

Some predict high times for the future of medical marijuana businesses, but is the insurance industry ready?

Data Dump

Using master data management, an insurer can turn a data junkyard into a mechanized marvel.

Taking a Byte Out of Cyber Secrecy

Forensic technologists can help verify or unwind intricate claims whose details are bound up in cyber nooks and crannies.

The Pearly Eight

You can avoid a fire and brimstone audit experience by using these eight great best practices.

Feigning Spell

Know how to identify malingering as mental health fraud.

Slash Loss Costs on Auto Glass Claims

Pre-inspection protocols that verify damage prior to repair or replacement of vehicle glass are reversing the recent trend in illegitimate claims.

The Fine Points of Artwork Claims

A good conservator can tell what can be saved, what it will cost and what pre-loss conditions factor in to the damage assessment.

Claim Files That Blab

Your claim file may be papered with things that could hurt your case later unless you know what is and isn't discoverable.

Colossal Cleanup

Regulators prepare to examine insurers' auto claims-handling software.

For Closing The Gap

Denials on mortgage claims can nosedive in the cracks left by policy wording.

Get the Lead Out

Claims adjusters need to know and follow the updated EPA law on lead paint.

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