Operational Excellence & Technology

A look at how one carrier achieves success in fraud prevention.

Pro or No?

Avoiding Restoration Industry Scams to Save on Claims

No More Pen & Paper

New devices that do the work for you allow those with high business mileage to painlessly record usage and save money on taxes.

Nature or Something Else?

Close examination and a keen understanding of nature vs. mechanical force allow adjusters to determine the true cause of vehicle damage.

Understanding Mold

A Primer for Insurance Professionals (Part 1)

Make Believe or Mental Disorder?

Fraud in emotional harm and neuropsychological injury claims.

In A Pickle, Insureds Attempt Drastic Measures

Financial strain and other factors create an environment for adjusters to get creative.

Fraud in the Application

When can a carrier void the policy altogether?

Cargo Theft Lessons Learned

A look at the ins and outs of tracking down the theft of highly attractive, easily fenced goods.

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