Natural Accumulation Rule vs. Reasonable Care

The courts consider a new standard for cases involving slip and falls caused by snow and ice.

Building Your Claims Talent Pipeline

The word “growth” is back in insurers’ vocabularies in 2012. Stay on top of the trends by strengthening your talent pipeline and succession strategy for ultimate sustainability.

A “Small Technical Failure”

Liability and coverage aspects related to the wreck of the Costa Concordia

Eye in the Sky

Improving satellite and aerial technologies promise important benefits for the claims process.

Escaping the Pill Mill

One of the course offerings developed by the CLM Workers’ Compensation Committee is "Escaping the Pill Mill." This course addresses the options available to employers and carriers when faced with ever-escalating medical costs from providers who treat patients excessively, inappropriately, or both.

Vehicle Telematics

Is the black box really a Pandora’s box for insurers?

From the C-Suite: Stephen Johnson

Assurant Specialty Property’s Senior Vice President of Claims speaks about the critical role that claims professionals play, his view of offshore call centers, and the value of specialization.

‘Beat Cop’ Adjusters Can’t Treat All Claimants Like Criminals

Just as a police officer’s attitude towards the public could be tainted by the number of criminals he has to deal with over his career, so too could an insurance adjuster fall into the trap of routinely treating claimants as scam artists looking to rip off their company.

Coverage Issues for Social Media Defamation in CGL and HO Policies

Statements that defame another person or entity are nothing new. But claims arising from such statements in social media are much more common today. Here are some important elements to consider.

Airlines Struggle with Rules Created to Minimize “Flightmares”

With the uptick in domestic air travel, airlines are facing ever-increasing lawsuits and being deemed liable for actions against passengers. The challenge in each occurrence is determining who is at fault.

Secret Ingredients

We count among the CLM ranks a wide range of talent, including an admiralty law-focused attorney who previously helmed a 100-ton vessel.

Between the Lines, February 2012

How have your adjusters responded to the use of satellite/aerial imagery?

Inside Risk: Gary Nesbit, Advance Auto Parts

Gary Nesbit, director of risk at Advance Auto Parts and CLM fellow since 2011, shares his approach to risk management, the challenges he faces, external influences that affect his job, and more.

Around the Nation, February 2012

A look at claims events from around the nation.

An Independent’s View on Aerial Photography

One adjuster shares his thoughts and strategies on using aerial photography in the field.

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