The Customer-Oriented Business Imperative Emerges

Carriers must focus on the “new consumer” and emerging technologies to deepen customer interaction and customize offerings.

Between the Lines, March 2012

What recent legislation or legal decision has the potential to affect insurers most?

Surviving Amidst Claims Handling Automation

The insurance world is undergoing a revolution today, and it’s not a quiet one.

A Separation Maintained

Supreme Court ruling offers continued defense ground in claims against religious entities.

Fortifying a Defense

Why tightknit SIU management methods are more important than ever.

An Educated Consumer Can Be an Insurer’s Best Customer

Couldn’t insurers do more to help consumers understand and navigate the claims process, and reap tangible benefits by doing so?

California Learning

CLM members and fellows are set to descend on the city of San Diego to attend the CLM 2012 Annual Conference, and with good reason. Presenters have poured passion, expertise, time, and intense thought into providing attendees with sessions that are worth the time out of the office and that give new information for increased understanding and success.

Legal Metrics that Matter with Defense Counsel

As companies seek more efficiency from counsel, both parties need to measure the effectiveness of that partnership. Although quantitative evaluations of defense counsel are not the only tool available, they certainly provide some insight.

Around the Nation, March 2012

Claims, risk, and litigation news from around the nation.

Inside Risk: Michael Liebowitz, New York University

Michael Liebowitz, director of risk management and CLM fellow since 2010, discusses his biggest exposures, the impact of the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, the traits needed for success, and more.

When March Brings Madness to Your Company

What legal liability risks does March Madness pose for companies and corporations? Can friendly, Web-based office pools put your company at risk of a lawsuit?

From the C-Suite: Paul Tuhy

XL Insurance Executive Vice President and Global Head of Claims Paul Tuhy speaks to claims management in a global context, addresses claims specialization, and offers insight on communication in the age of social media.

What Leaders Are Saying

In reading the words of industry leaders featured in our March issue, I found at least one common thread: the relationship between networking and open discussion and achieving success.

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