An Adjuster’s Perspective on 47 Years in the Industry

We should not be so quick to change what has worked for decades without careful analysis of what can be learned and extracted from our past and then successfully applied to the future.

Impact of Reserve Redundancy and Deficiency on Results

Continuing his discussion on the science and art of case reserving, senior management consultant Michael Murdock why the process is a core responsibility of all claims professionals.

When Man’s Best Friend Bites

National trends and implications for dog owners and insurers on strict liability, breed bans, insurance mandates, and exclusions.

Why CLM Is Sending You Back to School

Over the past several months, news about CLM’s latest endeavor, the Claims College, has been hinted at as its leadership and structure took shape. The curtain has been officially lifted, and CLM fellows and members are learning what they can expect when they go back to school in September 2013.

Around the Nation: November 2012

News and updates from CLM State Chairs, Representative, and Committees.

Setting It Aside

The science and art of liability case reserve management.

Between the Lines: November 2012

Cindy Khin, chief claims officer for Medmarc, answers the question, "“What is the biggest lesson you learned in the budgeting process over the past few years?”

Inside Risk: Amy Pechacek, Lake County, Ill.

See how Risk Manager Amy Pechacek directs Lake County's $25 million self-insured, self-administered operations while also overseeing an in-house claims department.

The Firefighter's Rule

How to respond to and evaluate fire department subrogation claims against policyholders.

Preparing for Your First Deposition

Here are some basic questions that claims professionals should address before sitting down for their first deposition.

Gaming the System

Bankruptcy petitions may contain evidence of fraud and invoke judicial etoppel.

Hot Technology, Scorching Results

Customers expect world-class service using the technology of today … and tomorrow.

Why Aren’t Insurers Seen as the Good Guys When Fighting Fraud?

What might insurers do differently in combating fraud without alienating their mostly honest customer base? Ultimately, it’s not any one thing, but a series of proactive initiatives that could turn the tide against fraud.

From the C-Suite: Patrick Walsh

Accident Fund Holdings’ Vice President and Chief Claims Officer highlights the importance of reacting effectively, playing well with others, and matching management style to an organization’s culture.

Who’s at Fault When a Product Fails?

Whether it’s the news of a salmonella outbreak traced back to a peanut farm in New Mexico or the frightening correlation between a steroid injection linked to stroke and a particular kind of meningitis, recalls are everywhere. How do you determine liability?

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