Binding or Not: Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts

A well-drafted arbitration clause can be the catalyst for resolving construction contract disputes quickly and cost-effectively, and there is a strong policy at both the federal and state levels favoring arbitration.

Inside Risk: Barry Wilson, EXPRESS

Barry Wilson, director of risk management for EXPRESS, discusses the challenges he faces and his strategies for success in the face of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Around the Nation: December 2012

News and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Between the Lines: December 2012

Dr. Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute, is one of four who answered the question, "What lesson will Sandy impart to insurers?"

Less Stressed and More Moral? An Adjuster’s Eightfold Path

Long hours, heavy workloads, and interpersonal friction can be the bane of an adjuster’s existence. Is there a way to diminish daily aggravation while improving one’s ethical focus at the same time?

AIG’s Jane Tutoki Explains Her Role in the Claims College

Excitement is building for the launch of the CLM’s new Claims College. We spoke with one of the college’s four chancellors to find out more.

Hurricane Sandy

Everything you need to know about wind versus water, hurricane deductibles, and the Coastal Act.

A Roadmap for Guiding Your Insured Through Litigation

There are a great deal of misconceptions about trials and litigation in general held by the uninitiated. If your insured has never been in litigation, what things do you need to pass on before they speak with defense counsel? Here we’ll look at the top six areas.

Who’s at Fault When Jingle Bells Crash Down?

December is a month filled with celebrations, decorating, gifts, and, sometimes, a few unwanted gifts such as liabilities for duties breached when they were owed and damages as a proximate cause.

Payout or Pay Later?

Structured settlement strategies for workers’ compensation claims.

Avoiding Power Grabs

An insurance appraisal panel only has the power to appraise value, not identify or set the scope of loss.

Holiday Shopping Tips for Your Claims Team

As insurance companies finalize their budgets for 2013, there are a number of products, services, and initiatives that might make terrific stocking stuffers during the holiday season to support and reward a carrier’s hardworking claims management team while improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Gift Ideas from the Editors

Looking for something tangible to give to the special claims person in your life? Here are a few gift ideas from the editors at Claims Management.

E-Commerce Across State Lines

Insurers consider emerging rules for electronic transactions as customer demand increases.

From the C-Suite: Nelson Tavares

W.R. Berkley Corporation’s Senior Vice President of Claims speaks about generational differences in communication styles, the importance of creating knowledge from data, and the lost art of face-to-face negotiations.

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