Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Handling Insurance Claims

While no two claims are alike, there are 10 frequent claim issues that arise regardless of the type of claim. Do you know what they are?

How Lucky Do You Feel?

Why enterprise risk management and business continuity planning are more important than ever.

Business Continuity Planning Vs. ERM: A Superstorm Sandy Case Example

Losses arising from a catastrophe like Sandy may be mitigated in part by both a strong business continuity plan or disaster recovery program, and an effective enterprise risk management program.

New Year, New Voices

It’s a new year at Claims Management, but instead of making resolutions, we’re skipping the platitudes and going right for results, CLM style. Here’s what you can expect in 2013.

Between the Lines: January 2013

Lisa Fentress, director of specialty claims at Marriott International, Inc., is one of four CLM members who answered the question, "What was your biggest lesson learned in 2012?”

Inside Risk: Wayne Salen, Labor Finders

Wayne Salen, director of risk management for Labor Finders and CLM Fellow since 2007, discusses how he manages risk for his company, which has 200,000 customers and provides 16,000 jobs each day.

Around the Nation: January 2013

News and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

The Intangibles of Case Evaluation, Part One: Venue

To begin the New Year, we will take a three-part look at the major intangibles that affect value: venue, witness credibility, and opposing counsel. This month’s column looks at the effect of venue on claim value.

Fracking Know-How

Risks and risk allocation in high-volume hydraulic fracturing for shale gas.

When SIUs and States Team Up, Results Follow

Pennsylvania became interested in helping companies fight insurance fraud when complaints of high auto insurance losses for insurers and premiums paid by consumers reached the ears of state legislators. Here's how we achieved success.

Tame the Flames

Cutting-edge management techniques for wildfire investigations.

Laying Out the Vision for the School of Transportation

To learn more about what students can expect from the Claims College's School of Transportation, we spoke with Dean Tamara Warn.

Getting It Right

Five steps for improving claims template letters.

Conditional Payments: Out with the Old, In with the New

In a nutshell, conditional payments are payments that Medicare makes on the condition that, when the claim settles, Medicare payments related to the claim must be reimbursed to Medicare. But 2012 brought important changes as to how we handle reimbursement of Medicare’s conditional payments.

Superstorm Sandy a Wakeup Call for Policyholders and Claims Managers

I still cannot quite comprehend that Sandy’s storm surge was so powerful that it drove a cascade of water up Sheepshead Bay Road’s prime commercial district and well beyond, tossing cars around like toys and flooding everything in its path, including my building.

In the C-Suite: Stephen Eisenmann

Crum & Forster’s SVP of Claims discusses his thoughts on good leadership, the importance of being inquisitive and passionate, and what he thinks the claims profession will look like in the future.

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