Hopelessness: A Subjective Risk in Tragedy

To realize hope’s potential strength, it must be acted upon. Good faith performance of the adjuster’s duties is a great start.

"What current or pending legislation concerns you most?"

Verizon's National Claims Manager Ron del Pino is one of four CLM members who answered this month's question.

Inside Risk with Susan Hiteshew

Under Armour's insurance and risk management analyst discusses how she protects her "house."

Around the Nation: April 2013

News and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Fan Forensics

The science behind ceiling fan blade slump and sustained humidity.

Pinpointing the Total Cost of Risk

How analytics are helping Family Dollar identify and reduce liabilities.

Who’s Got Money to Burn?

Complaints and market conduct exams prove powerful in managing claims compliance risk.

Allocation of Fault Among Joint Tortfeasors: This Is Not Child’s Play

A smashed television becomes a lesson in indemnity and contribution.

Taking Inventory

Four things you are doing wrong when it comes to handling contents claims.

Sedgwick CEO Sheds Light on Chancellor Role

Find out what led Dave North to become involved with the CLM’s Claims College and what's in store for his "students."

Paving the Road to Innovation

How claims departments are changing expectations by replacing admin systems.

Dirty Secrets of Insurance Defense

Five facts outside counsel hopes you won’t consider.

In the C-Suite: Nick Conca

An interview with Alterra Capital’s Chief Claims Officer.

Lessons Learned from Handling Superstorm Sandy Claims

Mounting catastrophe losses were the chief topic of conversation among C-Suite executives at a recent event.

Insurance Fraud and Perceptions of the Truth

Claim denials and fraud litigation are viewed by human beings on a spectrum of tolerance.

What Is This Case Worth?

Why neutral evaluations in complex cases are an underutilized tool.

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