“What do you hope to gain from the CLM’s first-ever Claims College?”

Lynn Menschenfreund, SVP, Excess and Specialty Claims at ACE North American Claims, is one of four CLM fellows to answer this month's question.

Around the Nation: August 2013

State news and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Shared Experiences

Through shared experiences, we become empowered by the knowledge of others and transformed by the commonality of purpose.

Inside Risk with Gina Kirchner, Navy Pier Inc.

Navy Pier's director of risk management explains what it takes to manage nearly nine million annual visitors to its attractions, including its iconic Ferris wheel.

Reaching the Decision Point in Litigation

In managing litigation, you need to ask in each case, "Are we there yet?" when it comes to resolving a claim.

Keys to Good Faith Fraud Referrals

Insurers must take steps to protect themselves against bad-faith actions when cooperating with law enforcement.

What’s in Your Manual?

A three-step guide for windstorm claims management.

Buyer Beware

Nine traps to avoid when implementing claims systems.

The Importance of Elevating the Claims Profession

Claims College Chancellor Paul Tuhy, XL Group, explains why the school is an important part of elevating the profession.

Boots on the Ground

Lessons learned from the tornado aftermath in Moore, Oklahoma.

Claims Management in a World of Alternative Distribution Channels

Small-commercial buyers are ready to do business with carriers online, but what are the implications for those in claims management?

In the C-Suite: Linette Ranieri

We chat with Berkley Life Sciences’ chief claims officer.

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