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Served daily: regulation ragout—you can’t tell what’s what, and it’s sure to give you indigestion. Software providers may have a prescription.

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Site-specific weather analysis offers an expert approach to evaluating weather-related claims.

The Economic Impact on Temporary Housing Claims

How will it affect your policyholders?

Not So Fast!

The Validity and Interpretation of Racing and Speed-Contest Exclusions


New technology, better data and improved modeling can finger insurance fraudsters

An Act of (Bad) Faith

Litigators are looking for claims handling missteps

The Eye of the Beholder

You Can't Judge a Claim by Its Cover

On the Brink of Collapse

Temporary bracing mitigates risk of structural failure in construction projects.

Assessing Coverage by the Golden Rule

Best practices mean trying to find coverage and preparing to defend denials.

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