The Challenge of Subrogation

NASP helps keep the education and communication flowing.

Shades of Grey

How one art consultant finds clarity in the murky world of art claims.

Risk A Verse

Claims professionals can help risk control counterparts just by telling a few stories.

Estimates Unveiled

Part Two: Using General Cost Models for Identifying and Understanding Areas of Difference Between Estimates

The Compliance Headache

Claims compliance standards are getting stickier with the addition of the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act.

A Perfect Liability Storm?

Intellectual Property, Fraud and Social Networking

Would You Believe...?

It’s time for adjusters to get smart on the actual prevalence of fraudulent claims.

Sneaky Payoff

Business fraudsters can get away with more than adjusters might think.

Order in the Court

Court orders on property claims can give you precedents to work from.


Technology helps adjusters establish claims’ legitimacy and flush out fraud.

Insurance Intelligence - Analyze This!

Integrate your company’s inner self to achieve deep claims analysis.

Paper Tigers... with Teeth!

Plan now for influencing your legislature on insurance fraud laws.

Is Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Being Overlooked?

A delve into the details of the disorder and how it applies to insurance claims resolution.

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