Red Flag Provisions

Compliance update for the insurance industry.

It’s Just About (Third) Party Time

Third party claims administration brings consistency to handling claims from overseas business units.

OSHA Standards in General Contractor Claims

General contractors face extensive regulatory demands, and a violation of any can end up as a claim of negligence.

Feeling the Heat

Hot water can warp an adjuster’s perspective on water-damaged wood composite materials.

Islamic Insurance on the Rise

Takaful insurance is growing quickly in heavily Muslim countries and is now offered in the U.S.

The ERM Weathervane

Enterprise risk management helps insurers know the forecast and reserve adequately for claims.

More Links in the Claims Chain

Running off closed lines is increasingly complex these days.

A Bear of a Claim

D&O claims go up as the market goes down.

Looking from the Outside In

Global trends are coming to the U.S. insurance market.

Mandatory Insurer Reporting Deadline Nears

Protect your interests and avoid steep fines by acting now.

Dial M for Misdiagnosis

There is new hope for identifying mild TBI patients with intracranial pathology.

Do You Smell Something?

Chinese drywall is raising a stink.

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