Inside Risk: Renee Yozzi, Benjamin Moore

Renee Yozzi, strategic and enterprise risk senior manager for Benjamin Moore, on risk, discipline, and staying positive.

What is an important topic or area you’ll be watching in 2016?

AIG's Lance Ewing and three other insurance industry leaders respond to this month's question.

Preparing for the Worst

How 9/11 helped France and the U.S. protect businesses from terrorism.

How FLSA’s Proposed Overtime Exemptions Affect the Griswolds

Getting on top of the complexities in proposed rule changes that will impact 2016 and beyond.

Six Daily Habits to Set You Apart From the Pack

Practical, doable, and sustainable guidelines to achieve your management goals.

You Won, Now Try and Collect

One of the more difficult things to do following the completion of successful, affirmative litigation is to collect on a judgment.

South Carolina’s 1,000 Year Flood

Will the state’s water worries extend to insurers?

Claims Professional or Archivist?

Balancing time constraints with documentation and core resolution functions.

Changing Wildfire Perils

Using science and technology to predict future risk.

In the C-Suite: A Look Back at 2015

We celebrate the value of claims and claims professionals by looking back at insights from the industry’s top leaders in 2015.

Art of Covering

Being driven to do good in bad times is something the insurance industry knows well.

Getting to Know: Jim Satterfield

Firestorm’s COO, president, and cofounder discusses crisis management, threat assessment, disaster planning, and the true cost of a data breach.

Around the Nation: December 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide showcases the gifts that every claims, risk, and litigation professional desires.

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