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The benefits of taking part in an exit interview

August 30, 2023 Photo

Great Insurance Jobs’ Cofounder Roger Lear is here to help you overcome obstacles to your career and job search. This month, he discusses the benefits of taking part in an exit interview once you’re ready to leave for a new opportunity. 

Q: I am leaving a claims job and my current employer wants me to participate in an exit interview.  I just want to move on.  Why would I do an exit interview?

A: Anytime you leave a job, it usually is an emotional experience. When you leave a claims job, it often has nothing to do with the people you work with, but rather the work environment and the claims themselves. Huge caseloads, poor technology, unrealistic closing goals, and just plain poor claims management are often the top factors.

As you prepare for new opportunities, you may wonder why you should bother participating in an exit interview with your soon-to-be former employer. However, you may be surprised to learn that answering questions in an exit interview can benefit you.

Exit interviews offer departing employees an opportunity for self-reflection and closure. By taking the time to reflect on your experience with the company, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own career aspirations, strengths, and areas for growth. This self-reflection can assist you in making informed decisions regarding future job prospects and personal development.

Moreover, participating in an exit interview allows you to express gratitude to the employer for the opportunities and experience you gained during your tenure. This act of closure helps maintain positive relationships and demonstrates professionalism, leaving the door open for potential future opportunities with the same company or with people on your team. The insurance industry is indeed a small world. Your reputation is critical to all future opportunities.

Employers often ask about your overall experience, satisfaction levels, and suggestions for enhancing work conditions. Sharing your honest feedback can help the company identify areas of strength and weakness, hopefully leading to a better place to work.

If you had a bad experience, why would you ever want to answer any of these questions? For one, it will get the issues off your chest. In addition, the company may improve the working conditions for future claims professionals, and you can take pride in contributing to this improvement. By offering constructive criticism and actionable suggestions, you can play a part in fostering positive change within the organization.

Employers may also ask about your future career plans or provide recommendations for your professional growth. Hopefully, whoever is doing the exit interview can give you some insight to help you further grow your career. Keep in mind that exit interviews are not just one way: If you answer the employer’s questions about why you are leaving, you can ask the interviewer about areas where you can improve. Remember, the knowledge and advice you acquire during an exit interview can contribute significantly to your personal and professional development. 

Leaving a claims job can be difficult. No matter what, embrace the opportunity to participate in an exit interview. It can be a meaningful way to leave a positive impression, help you gain the insights you never received while working at the company, and potentially allow you to help make that company a better workplace. That should let you leave with your head held high.


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Roger Lear is cofounder of Great Insurance Jobs. roger@greatinsurancejobs.com

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