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Making good on resolutions

February 05, 2024 Photo

It’s hard to believe we’re already over a month into the new year. The time for making resolutions has passed, and the time for fulfilling them has come. Here at CLM, we’ve resolved to sharpen our communication to members and fellows to keep you informed about all of the resources we provide to help launch and enhance your career. 

From intensive courses and designations that build your knowledge, to speaking and publishing opportunities that boost your profile, to vibrant community and roundtable discussions to talk with your peers about the industry’s most pressing challenges, CLM offers countless professional development opportunities that meet you wherever you are in your career. And we want you to know about all of them so you can leverage the ones that suit you best.  

Part of our strategy to keep you informed involves expanding upon what we already do. As a reader of CLM Magazine, you are likely familiar with our “Around the CLM” section, which highlights the people, events, and activities that drive CLM. We are now bringing a version of this popular department to CLM Magazine’s weekly e-newsletter. Titled “Inside CLM,” this new section serves as a more frequent hub of information about all things CLM, from detailed previews of upcoming live and virtual events, to reviews of recent ones you may have missed, to local chapter happenings, to interviews with CLM’s community leaders about upcoming discussions and activities.  

Speaking of our weekly CLM Magazine e-newsletter, you may have noticed other changes to it over the past couple of months. We are delivering more articles to you each week, supplementing the deep analysis pieces we have always provided with quicker-hit, event-driven news you can use. Much of that content comes from you—our amazing members and fellows—whether you are writing the pieces yourselves or serving as key sources. So, as we expand our digital content, there will be even more publishing and interview opportunities for you at CLM. It’s just one more way we are helping you increase your visibility and show off your expertise. 

It’s going to be an exciting year at CLM, and we’re thrilled to share it all with you. Check out CLM Magazine’s weekly e-newsletter on Thursdays, and get ready for a range of other initiatives that will connect you with the resources you need to propel you to the next level. 

All the best – 

Ronna Ruppelt, Esq. 


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Ronna F. Ruppelt

Ronna F. Ruppelt, Esq. is chief executive officer of The CLM.

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